Yamaha FG830 Guitar Review

Yamaha introduced its FG guitars a very long time ago. Ever since the first model came out; the Yamaha FG guitars have been named the top best acoustic guitars in the global market. Recently, Yamaha made a new addition to the FG family when they released the all-new FG guitar ‘FG830’. In this review, we are talking about this guitar and all of its amazing features.

Yamaha FG830 Guitar

First look

If you are looking for a guitar that would impress by its first look, this is not the one. The guitar has a standard design and is built to be very ordinary looking. As far as the design goes, we really wish Yamaha would have been a little more innovative and inventive in terms of look. Sadly, it fails to leave a lasting impression at first glance.

Design & built

The primary material that has been used for the built of this acoustic guitar is rosewood tonewood. On a very core level, the material used for this guitar positively impacts the sound output of the instrument. Rosewood tonewood helps to create a wonderful sound balance. As far as the choice of material is concerned, it is surely durable and high end in quality.

Sound output

There are two wonderful things about the FG830 guitar. Firstly, it is very moderately priced which makes it a very affordable option for entry level users. Secondly, at such a cheap price the sound output is wonderful. The sound tones are wonderfully balanced. There are no overtones. The projection of sounds is very rich and soulful.


It is often daunting for entry level players to think how will they use the guitar? Guitars are believed to be a very complex musical instrument that requires great expertise from day one. The great thing about the Yamaha FG830 is that its playability factor is very low. We can assure you that you haven’t come across a better guitar option in terms of functionality and playability other than this one.

Final word

Yamaha FG830 is a plain looking yet great entry-level guitar with many promising features. However, if you are looking for a long-term investment this guitar wouldn’t be the most ideal choice. But it will work pretty well for you if you are just an entry-level guitar user. Also it makes for a great choice of guitar because t a very low price, this is par excellence in terms of its sound production.