Yamaha FGX800C Guitar Review

Yamaha has now been long known for manufacturing outclass guitar quality. It ranks as one of the top best guitar manufacturers in the world and its FG guitar family is most popular too. Recently, a worthy new addition was made to the line with Yamaha FGX800C. This guitar is an acoustic guitarist’s dream come true. This is an electric guitar with scalloped strings that allow you to produce excellent quality folk music on high ends.

Yamaha FGX800C Guitar

First look

Yamaha has finally hit the cord right with the outlook of this guitar. The FGX800C is a very modern looking guitar with all the right cuts and curves. At first sight, you are impressed. The body has been designed to stand out with a reversed L-block neck and scalloped strings in X position. It is available in two color options as well.

Design and built

The design is a clear cut winner in our book. The L shaped neck comes with a sturdy top with solid cutaway finish. The entire body including neck top, sides and back is made of nato. Nato is by far a favorable guitar construct material because it gives a well-balanced support to the sound tones. The overall sound output is balanced and stable with promising resonance. The nato tonewood is a worthy material and great solid wood that makes the guitar durable and sturdy.

Sound output

The volume of the sound is remarkable. The sound robust is loud and promises great clarity. The sound range balances well from low to mid-range and even louder tones. The quality of the sound output is rich and clear with extensive sound patterns and even higher sound quality. The projection of sound is even easier with a clearer sound movement fluctuating between various sound ranges.

Final word

If you are planning to buy the new Yamaha FGX800C guitar, we urge you to do it sooner than later. This is because the FGX800C guitar is all good things. From looks to design to functionality and playability – Yamaha has managed to tick all the right boxes with the FGX800C guitar. The best thing that we loved about this guitar is how magnificently well it shifted from all high to low sound tones. The rich sounds are perfectly adjusted from loud folk music to softer music tones. We give this guitar a full star rating with no complains bothering us whatsoever.